Older, wiser, stronger… More than a decade and a half from the day they came together in 2000 and Award-winning band Blue are on top form, possibly at their best. Accomplished singer songwriters, star performers and still very easy on the eye, the boys have stepped gracefully into manhood with charisma, style, charm and camaraderie. Blue know their game and how to play it well.

Lee Ryan, Antony Costa, Duncan James and Simon Webbe are one of the few boy bands to come out of the 00’s who can lay claim to a bond that’s as solid now as it was then. They’ve endured the ups and downs of critical acclaim, flown high at the top of the charts, bared their souls in the tabloids, made the mistakes we’ve all made and throughout it all their relationship has stayed firm and true.

Blue are one of the most successful British acts of the last decade. The band have sold more than 15 million albums worldwide, with all three of the band’s previous studio albums - All Rise (2001), One Love (2002) and Guilty (2003) - having reached the #1 slot. Blue have also toured virtually every country in the world and performed live with the likes of Sir Elton John and Stevie Wonder.

In 2005, Blue took a well earned break to pursue separate interests, completing solo albums, excursions into musicals, theatrical roles in London’s West End, TV careers and the set up of some very successful business ventures. It was a journey of individual discovery and one, which bought all band members a good degree of personal acclaim.

Never far apart and at the request of their fans, Blue reformed for one show in London, with Capital FM in 2009. The taste of performing together and their unified success once again at their heels, Blue went on to represent the UK in 2011 at the Eurovision Song Contest, where they were a favourite of the European voters and thereafter began work on their fourth studio album, Roulette, released in 2013.

Blue worked with the two time Grammy winner RedOne (Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull) creating an album that defines who they are today. The creative journey continued with Wayne Hector & Cutfather (Britney Spears, Pussycat Dolls, James Morrison, Nicki Minaj) to produce varied pop songs with a musical maturity, tailored to the new Blue. Their trademark style is still present, a mix of emotive ballads and energetic tracks for the dance floor, but their new found maturity also makes it’s presence known in their smooth performance style and seemingly effortless writing ability to pen songs that just sound oh so good!

Blue are highly popular for live performances at corporate and private events both in the UK and internationally.