The Fizz

Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan and Jay Aston – three names that are

iconic in Eurovision history – once members of the Eurovision-

winning group, Bucks Fizz, now known as The Fizz!!

With a string of over 20 hits under their belts, including “Land of

Make Believe”,  “My Camera Never Lies” and, of course, “Making

Your Mind Up”, they continue to astound their audiences with their

vocal prowess and superb entertainment value.


2017 saw the release of the much-acclaimed album, “The F-Z of Pop”,

a collaboration with the genius that is Mike Stock.


Then came their 2018 Christmas album, “Christmas With The Fizz”, 

and another new material album due later this year (2019) Cheryl, Mike and Jay are truly fizzing! in association with David Hahn Associates/Celeb Agents