Cheeky Girls

The Cheeky Girls are a pop duo consisting of twin sisters Gabriela and Monica Irimia, from Cluj-Napoca in Transylvania, Romania, but based in Britain. After appearing as auditionees in Popstars: The Rivals, they achieved success in the charts with four top ten hits between 2002 and 2004. They are best known for their debut single, “Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)”, which has sold more than 1.2 million copies worldwide.

Gabriela and Monica were born on 31 October 1982 to Doru and Margit Irimia. Gabriela is older by 10 minutes. Their early life in Romania consisted of studying gymnastics and ballet and touring with the Hungarian National Opera. Moving to the United Kingdom with their mother in 2002, the girls shot to fame as the Cheeky Girls after auditioning on the British TV shows, Channel 4’s Model Behaviour and more importantly Popstars: The Rivals.


Following two appearances on the show with their audition which had judges Pete Waterman and Louis Walsh not knowing what to say (Waterman was later quoted as saying they were the worst act ever), various record companies approached the Granada Press Office. The Press Office contacted Paul Holland at Granada Ventures who was able to secure them a deal with the Multiply label part of Telstar Records. Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum) was swiftly recorded and released in the first week in December.


Entering the chart at number two, the single remained in the top five for five consecutive weeks – four of them at number two. In the week before Christmas this was one of three singles from the Popstars: The Rivals show to occupy the Top 3, One True Voice and Girls Aloud held the other two positions.

holidaycdThis was quickly followed up with two more top three hits, “Take Your Shoes Off” 19600and “(Hooray, Hooray!) It’s a Cheeky Holiday!”. Their style of music is primarily disco-pop,aimed at the pre-teen market. Most of their songs are written by their mother, who also acts as their manager.[citation needed] In January 2004, their first single, “The Cheeky Song (Touch my Bum)” was voted the worst pop record of all time in a Channel 4 poll.

Following the release of three top 3 hit singles, the Cheeky Girls recorded their debut album “Partytime”.

220px-PartytimecoverThe album was released to mixed reviews, the record was influenced by pop / dance music. The album followed a similar theme to that of their singles. The Cheeky Girls appeared on television, radio and summer festivals in an effort to promote the album.

The album entered the UK album chart at number 14. And sold over 300,000 copies worldwide and certified silver in the UK for over 6o,000 copies sold.

Prior to Christmas 2004 the Cheeky Girls re-released their album containing 3 brand new tracks: “We go together”, “Cheeky Christmas” and an exclusive Megamix.cheekyg_pt_a

The Cheeky Girls decided to get into the Christmas number 1 race, with their 4th single “Have a Cheeky Christmas”.

Despite heavy radio and video rotation the single reached peak position of Number 10 on the UK official singles chart.

20169The song has since become a regular fix on most TV video station playlists during the festive period. This did mark the 4th consecutive top 10 hit single for the Cheeky Girls.

After the release of “Have a Cheeky Christmas” the girls record company Multiply went into liquidation, the girls turned down several deals from other companies and decided to launch their own label XBN, to continue their music career.

The first release from the Cheeky Girls independant record label XBN was “Cheeky Flaminco” a slightly more sexually charged pop single which had a slightly more adult feel in comparrison to previous releases.

51VDCHR35HLCheeky Flaminco the girls 5th single (and 1st single from their newly created label) charted at number 29 on the official UK singles chart. Although the charting positon was lower than previous singles, it was a sucess for an independant label with its first ever release.

The Cheeky Girls began work on their second album and next single. In the interim the girls continued to make a multitude of television, radio and personal apperances. The girls had become regular inserts into most popular tabliod magazines and regularly took part in photoshoots and interviews for the magazines.

untitled The Cheeky Girls 6th single (2nd single from their own label) was a duet with former Holyoaks actor Andy Newton Lee and a cover of the classic song “Boys & Girls (Xmas Time Love)”. The single saw the return of the Cheeky girls classic pop sound. The single entered the UK singles chart at number 50.

The Cheeky Girls released their long awaited second album in 2007 ” In My Mind (Is a Different World – A Cheeky One)”In-My-Mind-Is-A-Different-World-A-Cheeky-One which included original songes “Do you Drive a V8?”, “Run your Engine”, “WOW” and a cover of the classic track “I’m to Sexy”.

The Cheeky Girls later released their 7th single ( 3rd from their own label)  “Farmyard Hokey” featuring vocals from their young niece Lori. The single was the first to not to make the UK singles chart top 100, although it did reach the top 60 in Hungary.l Their second album also failed to make the UK album chart. But did manage to break the Itunes top 100 pop albums upon its release.

Another single “I’m to Sexy” was set to be released from the album but was eventually shelved.

The Cheeky girls began to appear regularly in other media such as television appearances on Brainiac and The Weakest Link and opening the studios of a new local radio station Big L 1395, along with Cliff Richard. The Cheeky Girls are also involved in charity work and are supporters of the UK Children’s Charity ChildLine. Living television aired a 1 hour special fly on the wall documentary about the lives and hardships of the Cheeky Girls, in “Its a Cheeky World” narrated by Scott Mills.

In September 2009, the girls released their Cheeky Girls make-up range, aimed at the young teen market.


In January 2010, Gabriela and Monica auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent Cheeky_682_1050292aunder the name Cheeky Girls and Darius. The trio performed a Bollywood dance at the Hammersmith Apollo, London. The judges reacted favourably and they were voted through to continue in the competition. However, they did not make it to the semi finals.

In November 2010, Gabriela and Monica appeared on the Celebrity edition of Channel 4 reality programme Coach Trip, two days before the series’ end.

300px-Coach_trip The Cheeky Girls returned to music in the club track “Mini – Skirt” featuring Darius. The track was made available free on Myspace.

The Cheeky girls returned to their home country, to compete in their home countries version of Strictly Come Dancing. The girls did very well on the show.l

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