The Hunsnet Collective are a team of entertainment professionals who have over 20 years experience of delivering live events both within the UK and internationally. The Collective deliver the immersive Hunsnet events by ensuring that the audience are the stars of the show from the moment they walk through the door and are on hand to ensure that every moment is a uniquely Hunsnet experience.

In 2020 it became clear that Hunsnet is more than just an Instagram page, but a cultural movement connecting people around everything ‘hun’. It was time to take the brand from being a 2 dimensional Instagram account to a fully immersive, 3 dimensional, real life interactive experience.

We bring together like minded souls every month across our sold out variety of events. We can offer intimate brunches, bigger nostalgia club nights or one off bespoke events tailored to your brand requirements with different live options including DJ’s, Live performers, Hosts, Dancers, Games, Hun Quizzes, Hun Bingo, Drag performances, Venue Dressing, Prize Giveaways, Merchandise and much more! All elements can be themed and tailored to meet specific requirements.

This is a PARTY not to be missed..