Liberty X

Kelli | Michelle | Jessica make up Liberty X and are available for live PA’s of their Greatest Hits now.  

Liberty X were formed on ITV’s ‘Popstars’, which also put together ‘HearSay’.

Through-out the 00’s Liberty X were one of the biggest pop acts, with their debut single ‘Thinking It Over’ storming into the Top 5, which was closely followed by their signature track ‘Just A Little’ storming to No.1.

‘Just A Little’ became the 9th biggest selling single of 2002 and their debut album shot into the UK charts at No3.

The band continued to have big chart hits, ‘Got To Have Your Love’ peaked at No.2 whilst further singles ‘Holding On For You’ & ‘Song For Lovers’ were both massive hits peaking at No.5 in the UK charts.