Paul Chuckle DJ Set

Paul Chuckle is otherwise known as one half of the highly esteemed and much-loved comedy duo
‘The Chuckle Brothers’. Paul, along with his much missed brother Barry, have entertained generations
of children with their television show ‘ChuckleVision’, for which they received a lifetime BAFTA award for
services to children’s TV which has been broadcast for over 20 years and popularised their legendary
‘To Me, To You’ trademark catchphrase.

The Chuckle Brothers have gone on to also host their own game show, starred in over 50 pantomimes
in their career and numerous highly successful sold out live shows across the country!!

The duo are to this day afforded much affection and hold a special place in the hearts of the British public
which was demonstrated in 2019 when they were voted as no.1 in a poll of the greatest CBBC series’ of
all time.

Paul has entertained generations with his unique brand of family comedy and continues to broaden
those vistas by now steering towards a different type of entertainment, hitting the turntables in clubs
with his dance, pop and commercial music sets as a DJ. He continues to maintain a huge interest to fans
old and new and has proved extremely popular, particularly with the youth of today with his sell out PA