Steven (known as Sketch), 28, is a proud south Londoner and doting dad to four young daughters. ‘I was always into art, particularly graffiti, and I just wanted to move from less permanent things, like paper and walls, to skin.’ Sketch sees people as ‘walking canvasses’ and says ‘to mark someone on their skin with something that they’re going to carry forever is an amazing thing for an artist.’ However, his initiation into the tattooing world was an interesting one: ‘I bought a tattoo gun online and just started tattooing my dad. He went into a local studio to show them and they gave me a job straight away. I definitely wouldn’t recommend doing that though!’

Sketch’s favourite style is traditional with lots of big bold colour. However, what he really loves doing is a ‘meaningful tattoo for someone, as I like to think that I am helping someone when they get a tattoo that is part of their story.’ Sketch does a lot of cover-ups and has even worked with clients to cover up their scars. He says ‘tattooing is a very personal experience’ and the gratitude he gets from covering tattoos that people thought they’d be stuck with forever is an amazing feeling.

Three years ago Sketch set up studio Reppin Ink. Since its opening, he has won many prizes, including first place at the prestigious Croydon Tattoo Show in 2015.