Itsy Bitsy Timmy is best known as the utterly brilliant colourful man with the Mallet! Timmy began presenting on TV with the Wide Awake Club and Wacaday, as Roland Rat’s replacement at TVAM!  Since then he’s hosted many successful shows on TV, and regularly makes guest appearances where his entertaining opinions, loud looks and good humour make him a popular expert guest. We were able to see his antics in the Jungle when he appeared on “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here Series 8!”

With so many people wanting to be hit on the head by the Mallet (everywhere he goes it’s always “Timmy, where’s your mallet??”).  Timmy developed his own cute and cuddly mallet, Pinky Punky, which has starred in many of his shows. Pinky Punky’s favourite line “Mr Mallett can I go to the toilet?” is another of those catchphrases that seems to have made its way into popular culture.